New & Hawt

Fresh & Sexy

“I always try to savour in soever I do,” told Marina Grey, a grey-eyed, golden-haired babe who made her way to our satellite studio in Prague after one of our model recruiters saw her. Marina has a sexy, wide-eyed, deer-in-the-headlights look.

“I am very independent and I like to experience fresh things. I acquire many compliments about my body and my bouncy bosoms. When I was invited to model, I thought, ‘Why not? It could be enjoyment.'”

Marina told her knockers got bigger in size than standard at 23 years aged. That is indeed not unconventional. Boob growth can continue into a girl’s Thirty’s.

“At first, I was nervous. Nervous in advance of my journey and nervous on the 1st day. I often snicker and snicker when I’m nervous. After I settled in and met the staff, my nervousness went away and I learned about undressed modeling and how it all works. The photographer said to just be myself and that was worthy advice. I liked being treated well and that made me feel hot. I had at no time masturbated in front of people previous to and that was a fresh experience!”

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