From London With Amore: Kitty Amore

From London With Amore: Kitty Amore

“I’ve been many things throughout my life,” said Kitty Amore, a British bra-buster living in London who has what you want. “I love working with people and being creative. Being a model is definitely the most fun.” We’ve photographed British girls for 30+ years, so when we first saw Kitty, we knew she was a perfect fit at

“My 36K-cup breasts make it difficult sometimes to shop for bras. I prefer a full cup and lots of support. It’s not like I can hide them. Even when I dress modestly, they draw attention. So now I wear clothes that feel and look good on my body and make me happy.

“I’ve never known a life without big boobs. I mean, honestly, sometimes it would be nice to go to shops without being looked at. But now, as a busty model, I feel I have a safe and supportive space to express myself.”

That’s where we come in.

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