Joy In The Sun For Annabelle Rogers

Fun In The Sun For Annabelle Rogers

First, we urge to say that voluptuous fantasy beauty Annabelle Rogers looks spectacular wearing a swim suit. And even more spectacular without it. We’re not mentioning this to suck up to her, although that’s the dream that babe inspires. Annabelle brought the swim suit and the wrap. We brought the pool and our cameras.

Annabelle’s circle of family and allies sometimes gives her that disapproving eye for showing likewise much boobage. This babe commented about that.

“I still acquire it to this day, or people will see me and motion to me to pull up my shirt,” said Annabelle.

“Everyone! Even my allies. Definitely my Mom. I was raised in a very Christian household. Once, I went on a journey to The Bahamas with my friends, and we took swim costume pics on the beach, and everyone was messaging my Mama, ‘Your daughter is showing her tits so much! We do not desire our sons on her social media.’

“Even though I just had on the same kind of bikini as everyone else. Everybody else was in a swim dress, but I looked sluttier ‘coz of my bathing costume. It was just a natural doxy look. I could not help it. I’m not very concupiscent. I come off as kind of randy now and then. Sometimes I’ll receive all hootchied up and go out. Not the archetypical church look.”

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