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Veronica Vaughn on masturbation:

“I would be at work and I would tell them I was feeling sick so I could go home and masturbate. Seriously, I had to acquire smth inside me. Sometimes I’d just go to the bath and get myself off. If I did not do it, I just couldn’t concentrate. Now, it’s down to twice a day or so. It used to be more love five times a day. I couldn’t control it. I have gotten more outstanding since then. I used to work in a factory. It was messy and grimy and I just could not await to receive home and masturbate. It is all I thought about. I have numerous much loved things I love to use.

“My number one is my clit bullet. It’s a have to. I not at all had an large O in advance of I used it, so it’s very particular to me. I recommend it to all my friends. That first time it happened, I didn’t even know I was cumming until after I did. I had no idea what it felt love and that it was so good. At first I thought something need to be not right with me. I had never felt adore that previous to. But I got off really valuable and that is what actually set me off and made me wanna masturbate so much. For a while, I guess you could say I was infatuated with it.”

Veronica Vaughn on losing her virginity:

“The 1st guy I ever had sex with was about 12 years older than me, and this chab was gentle and patient and it was a valuable thing, so I have liked older lads ever since. I have had allies tell me how awful their first time was with a boy their own age who did not know what that buck was doing or solely cared about himself. It wasn’t that way for me and I think it mostly was ‘coz he was older. The oldest lad I ever dated was 49.”

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