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Please meet Sonja Haze, fresh to XLGirls but not recent to receiving attention from breastspotters, and this babe is hoping to acquire your attention and admiration also. She’s a redhead, a rarity at XLGirls, but we’ll pass on the “Red Sonja” comparisons except to say that this Sonja has much bigger in size whoppers and is a lot hotter looking. Sonja can’t live without spending time outside, horseback riding, doing things with allies and relishing the splendors of nature. Moving to splendors of the indoor kind, Sonja enjoys roleplaying, sex, masturbation and doing precious things to her gazongas. “I love my wobblers. I’m pleased they grew large. I relish dressing casually sexy. A low-cut top to display off my zeppelins and a hot couple of tight-fitting jeans. I like to brandish off plenty of cleavage and sometimes tease the lads by putting more spring to my step for more bounce. I like bucks who love bosoms, boys love to flaunt that adore. I usually wear a bra. I normally wear briefs. My prefered kind are sheer fabric and bathing suit cut. When it comes to lads, I love a well-defined butt on a lad, a admirable smile and a powerful chest. Girls can like male chests love lads like lady chests, you know.” Next up: Sonja‘s 1st XLGirls cam-show. Please give her a hand. One that can handle 36H-cups.

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