The One & Merely

The One & Only

One of the most-popular gals during the time she modeled, Gina had no plans to make it a career. She did it for the pleasure of it and the opportunity to try smth different for a little during the time that.

What are your erotic fantasies?
Gina: To be with a girl. A very big boobed cutie with larger than typical, natural love muffins. I have had honey bunnys hit on me, but I just was not willing to do it. It doesn’t happen a lot, just at unconventional times and places. Sometimes when I go to a club, a dancer might hit on me. Some angels have a fetish with bouncy bosoms likewise, you know, and any angel I was with would need to be into that. I know I have always wondered what it’s adore to make like to a female-dominant with big knockers, so any cutie I was with would really need to be brawny.

What type of ladies man do u love physically?
Gina: I like strapping fellows. Not truly tall, just love normal height. And I adore lads with goatees.

Blue-collar or white-collar lads?
Gina: I adore working-class types. I don’t adore dress and tie fellows. I do not know why. They appear to be likewise prissy to me. I don’t mean the normal office Lothario adore an accountant. I mean the stuck-up kind with gel in their hair. I like scruffy lads.

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