Gal With A Rack

Girl With A Rack

“One summer I went from a dunky B to a very full D,” said Michelle May, describing her breast growth spurt. “I was in excruciating pang. Going up 2 cup sizes in numerous months was indeed intensive.

“And it was tough ‘cuz in school, I was a dancer, and then all of a sudden I had large bra buddies. But after my meatballs grew, I quit. I had to because I looked ridiculous. I had this mammoth chest in this sea of flat-chested ballerinas.

“I got lots of smiles and winks from a lot of the dudes. I wouldn’t say that I was execrated on because I went to school in California and everyone showed plenty of skin. I mean, it is commonplace for people to walk around half-naked in California.

I’d say that I was the flavor of the week for maybe a week and then people got over it. I got the nicknames Shelly Large Love melons and Mammaries McGee. It was all in priceless enjoyment. No one ever went out of their way to be wicked to me.”

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