Valuable Enough To Eat

Good Sufficient To Eat

Codi Vore tries on 2 bikinis. Which one is sexier on Codi’s eye-popping, mind blowing, traffic-stopping bod? Why, Codi looks precious sufficient to eat!

Codi receives loads of attention in real life and cyber life.

“It’s usually precious attention, but sometimes I can receive typecast as being wanton or dumber,” told Codi. “I adore to avoid that. I’ve no idea where people acquire the idea that big-boobed gals aren’t smarter than other cuties.”

“My favourite attention is the kind of attention I get over here the bedroom. If I’m intimate with someone, I like to feel hawt. That’s one of the reasons I got into camming and into modeling in the 1st place, to feel hawt and to be admired, and for someone to be fixated with my bra buddies is great. Likewise, I adore having my nipps played with, so that kind of attention is my beloved kind of attention.”

Obsessed? Who? Us? We’re number-one for that. In a priceless way, naturally. Feast your eyes and feed your need for Codi. Bon appetit!

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