Gaggin’ For A Shaggin’

Gaggin' For A Shaggin'

Treating the jock nicely in a mainly POV discharge, Gwen Etoile appears to be to drive fellows to madness, not just with her carnal talents but with her sheer charisma radiating off the screen. How else does one explain a letter adore the one beneath?

“I know this might sound nutty, but I’m completely in like with Gwen Etoile,” writes T.M. “Do you think she’d give me a chance? Although there is one hitch–I have another angel. She is a glamourous gypsy domme so I don’t think Gwen would mind. If I could have just one wish fulfilled, it would be that Gwen, my girlfriend and I’d never be apart. There must be a particular church to marry us all. And during the reception, I could sing adore songs to the one as well as the other of ’em. At night we could all sleep together and in the morning my gypsy hotty would make breakfast during the time that I sing to both of my fascinating ladies.”

Well, we cant speak for Gwen but we think she enjoys playing the field, appreciating a lot of different experiences and isn’t willing for a singing gypsy marriage just yet. We’re not trying to be negative or shag up someone’s dream. But that’s the effect this babe has on men. As for us, we’re glad sufficient with jacking to our much loved moments in this movie scene.

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