Hands-on Candy

Hands-on Candy

SCORE editor Dave wrote about Candy Manson:

“One of my favorite moments in my interview with Candy Manson was when this babe spoken about her parents. Yeah, her parents. Sorry. I led her down that road. I couldn’t aid it. You see, I asked Candy about her upbringing, and she said it was ‘definitely conservative,’ and then she told, ‘I drove my parents avid when I was a kid. My Mommy and father are very, very old-school. They’re off the boat from Poland, so they’re insert their ways. Everything about me, anything I did growing up, was so shocking to them.'”

Wild child Candy was a exotic dancer before she became a pornstar.

“I did the dilettante contests at some of the clubs,” Candy told Dave. “The people at the club gave all the contestants a questionnaire to fill out for the contest. You know, where are u from? What do u do? And I told I am a teacher. I’m sure they believed it. Nobody has ever told me that I look like a teacher! I have done lap dances where I have actually gotten into it and made the stud cum in his pants, but I don’t do that too often. Solely at some exotic dancing clubs where it’s allowed, and solely if I’m in a wild mood and only with the right dude.”

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