Harmony Goes To The Underneath garment Store

Harmony Goes To The Brassiere Store

Harmony Pleasing needs new bras. Her large meatballs lack support. 38 inches is lots of sweatermeat to haul around. She finds a beneath garment store that a charmer has run in his house for the past 20 years. The argumentative, aggressive shop clerk claims to be a bra pro. He sees Harmony and his little gray cells commence spinning. That charmer fits Harmony with a series of bras but they don’t appear to be to excite her. A very eager-to-please vixen, Harmony is complacent when it comes to authoritative dudes, like the commonplace undergarment store owner. It ain’t just a product to these boys! That smooth operator offers they go to the upstairs dressing room where this Lothario can properly measure her. That babe finds out that his measuring tool is his shlong, not a tape-measure, and the room has a convenient ottoman. This is where this chab takes his specific new customers and trains them in proper bra fitting. That doesn’t faze Harmony and this babe lets him do as this chab pleases. One time his cock has fucked her bra buddies, this babe takes things into her own hands. Mouthing his shlong and balls, Harmony’s drool spills out of her mouth. A nice, hot fuck will complete her undergarment fitting and Harmony is so grateful, that babe jerks his semen out all over her ravishing big bazookas. If only this charmer could detect more worthwhile customers love her. Consider a future as a undergarment store owner. They appear to be to do well for themselves.

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