Bigger in size than typical Lovin’

Large Lovin'

Hayley Jane looks so hot and sexy being fed the trouserpipe, losing a load in your shorts is a possibility. Hayley calls herself a “domestic diva and adult entertainer.” She’s shorter than that babe appears on-screen. Out of the heels, this babe is solely 5’3″, which makes her greater than standard hangers look even larger. The Penis Lothario is nutty to a gang bang the shit out of her.

Told Hayley, “I wanted to be in XLGirls ‘cuz I spend a lot of time on the Internet and I would seen ads and info about it for years. I guess the beauties on it are so sexy, so I wanted to join in, also. I love seeing the gals engulfing boyz. Me, I love to fuck, also, and I wanted to make vids with well-built studs who know what to do with their jocks.”

Hayley’s perfect evening activity:

“The consummate evening for me would be laying down with my charmer. I adore to play with my cunt using a vibrating bullet then have him join in and copulate me precious.”

What not to do:

“The worst thing a boy can do is to call a lady by some other woman’s name, especially when they are having sex. Make a reservation at her prefered restaurant if u ever do that, males.”

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