Head Nurse Tigerr Benson

Head Nurse Tigerr Benson

There are many reasons why nurses are called “angels of compassion.” Tigerr Benson is a big-boobed angel in general. She owns that nurse uniform, her mangos willing to pop with out her undergarment. This is health care SCORE-style and gives a different meaning to “ICU.”

This boy claims that lady-killer was in a motorcycle crash when he truly had slipped in the shower. No matter. Nurse Tigerr treats all male patients the same way, with delicate loving care and licks. Her attitude about sex is the way it should be, nasty and filthy, not to mention therapeutic. When Tigerr sees him staring at her large bazookas, that babe checks out his pulse. Instead of the wrist reading, she feels the pulse in his junk and makes her diagnosis. This buck needs wonderful, sloppy head by a curvy, stacked ravisher with a disciplined throat and stat! This patient needs Tigerr Benson to his rescue.

Tigerr’s BJ revives his flagging condition and that man musters the strength to give Tigerr the kind of inflexible and sexually excited accupuncture treatment this babe so rightfully should always acquire. It’s cause for joy when we see this exotic Asian girl riding tall in the saddle, her bigger than average mangos bouncing as that babe squats over him, the aged meat thermometer stretching her hot cookie, accompanied by her cries and squeals of pleasure.

Tigerr Benson, bringing new meaning to the position of Head Nurse. The world of medicine needs more dedicated cuties of mercy like Tigerr.

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