Heavy-Hootered Homemaker

Heavy-Hootered Homemaker

Lucy Lenore has been awaiting patiently in the kitchen, all dolled-up in her happy-homemaker-with-huge-hooters costume. Now that babe can fetch out her enjoyable treats and reveal what that babe is made of: sugar, spice and anything nice. It is a shame that each kitchen doesn’t come with a Lucy Lenore, but at least Lucy Lenore cums in this kitchen!

“I live a fairly active lifestyle,” told Lucy, who first learned about XL Angels when that babe worked in an adults store and checked out all the latest SCORE Group magazines when they arrived. “I spend a valuable amount of time outside hiking, kayaking, camping and fun ram adore that. I’m not at all gonna be talented to dedicate myself to a Health Strip club or everything. I am not that self-disciplined. I’m also used to doing whatever I desire.”

Lucy draws male eyes wherever this babe goes. “At this point I’m used to it. I used to receive plenty of attention from way maturer boys when I was actually juvenile ‘coz of it. It drove my daddy crazy!”

Lucy told she’s low-key. “I like going to the movies and mature bookstores on dates. I just love spending time with anybody and getting to know them. I read a lot. I’m a bigger than typical fan of youth sci-fi and I’m a astronomical Harry Potter fan.”

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