Hip Shaker

Hip Shaker

Analee Sands is an professional abdomen dancer and that babe combined her sexual shimmying, shaking, pelvis-swiveling skills with her hot talents at fucking and licking at XL Cuties. Analee’s over the top, in a great way. We don’t get many abdomen dancers so this was a treat.

As Analee dances for her audience of one, her fuck-mate receives up and hugs her from behind, feeling up every soft, rounded inch of her curvacious bod and mind boggling 38F cups. They head to the sofa where that babe abdomen dances on him and teaches him an advanced course in dancing and grinding, his stiffy treated to the great event.

Analee clued us in on her abdomen dancing.

“I’ve never had a woman chaser I’m in a relationship with ask me for a belly dance. I have done belly-grams for people who’ve asked, for birthday parties or just to surprise anybody. It is usually through word of mouth. One of the beauties will detect somebody and she’ll mention that we do grams, and it goes down the grapevine until somebody craves one. Then you set up your music.

“There’s a lot of music you can dance to, except for maybe country. I have not at any time seen anyone dance to country. Truly, I have viewed one cutie belly-dance to country, but I don’t know what she was doing. Some hoochie-coochie thing. I one time did a dance for a gentleman’s daddy. I showed up and his daddy was grinning from ear to ear. I never saw a man so pleased!”

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