Hitomi: Artfully Naked

Hitomi: Artfully Naked

The SCORE art and studio workers were invited to elect the right seek Hitomi‘s body painting and this “dress” was picked for its Oriental cherry blossom flavor.

Mr. John Neyrot of Neyrot.com is the slaver artist who had the applaud of painting Hitomi’s alluring body. It took John and Hitomi four hours and she had to remain still for almost all of the time, periodically moving her arms or hair, so John could work his magic. This was a major undertaking.

“I’ve been painting for Twenty years, so I’ve adept a lot,” told John. “But these were the largest naturals mangos I have ever painted. She’s very glamourous, and I was amazed when she showed me her fullsome funbags and what I had to work with.” John needed super-concentration with a girl love Hitomi before him as this chab applied brush to skin to create his intricate design. “I like how it turned out,” he said. “I hope Hitomi liked it.”

This time-lapse episode condenses their long hours of work into an extreme display. A discharged from the photo set was used as the cover for September 2015 SCORE, a collector’s edition.

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