International Abode Of Cleavage

International House Of Cleavage

Meet Joanna Lake, a Romanian gal spotted in Bucharest by one of our roving cameramen. This Lothario approached Joanna and offered her his card, asking if that babe was a adult model. Instead of telling him to get lost, Joanna listened and asked questions and decided to give it a try and trust him. (Romina Lopez was identified the same way in Paraguay so sometimes you can hit a home run.) She wasn’t a glamour model and has been working in sales the past few years after graduating high-school. For a hotty who had not at all shown off her body like this in pics, Joanna is very fantastic. With thighs that could break your neck, an a-hole to lose your head over and bigger than average, pale, lickable boobs, Joanna is girlfriend material for some favourable Romanian. This babe picked up the basic positions quickly and injected her own signature into some of the photos. That hand sign in the last picture is called “the shocker” in many countries and means “Two in the pink, one in the stink” or “Two in the bush, one in the tush.” We’re assuming it has the same meaning in Romania?

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