Busting Bras

Busting Bras

Calling Jennica Lynn a bra buster may be a bit of an understatement. Gazing upon her pliant, torpedo-shaped 34M-cup love melons in a under garment makes us question the laws of physics. Which makes it a precious thing that anatomy actually was our favorite subject in school. We can’t receive enough of studying Jennica’s anatomy as that babe slides on every of these overmatched bras. We’re not interested in how these bras manage to contain her milk shakes, we just wanna savour the charming view.

In case it slipped any of your minds, the active ingredients of her anatomy are as follows: A 47-inch bust, 34-inch waist and 40-inch thighs. In other words, Jennica is all woman. Which makes us hawt, bothered and unbending in her presence.

“I desire to feel your touch,” Jennica says as this babe cups her big, heavy bra buddies with her tiny hands. “Feel your hands on my teats and squeeze ’em just like that.”

Jennica not at all has much of a problem finding somebody to cup and play with those large milk shakes of hers. If all of the chaps who wanted to play with her holy hangers formed a line, it would probably stretch across almost all city blocks. There’re even a hardly any boyz who think it would be a great place to take a rest.

“I’ve heard a dunky in number laughable pickup lines from men,” Jennica said. “One asked if this fellow could take a nap on my meatballs.”

Can not argue with a gent who wishes some sleep. With Jennica and her cushioned meatballs right below you, it would definitely be a goddess sleep.

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