Jennica in The Bahamas

Jennica in The Bahamas

XLGirls is with the fashionable and remarkably big breasted Jennica Lynn in The Bahamas for a fun-filled adventure in paradise, part pictorial, part-vacation. Jennica’s trip movie “Come Along With Us” flaunts the Swedish delight en route from Miami to her touch-down on Eleuthera.

Now that she’s done some touring of the island and settled in, Jennica is willing to flaunt u her awesomeness at the swanky beach abode. Wearing an exceedingly low-cut suit and skimpy panties, smiling Jennica checks out the local fruit on the kitchen counter and compares each one to her huge 47-inch pantoons.

Apple and oranges? Jennica compares ’em to her hooters as well as lemons and bazookas and easily out-sizes ’em. That babe can make the apples, oranges and lemons absolutely vanish from see more wondrous than a magician!

Jennica savors the taste of freshly-squeezed orange juice over her juggs in advance of removing her dress and undies and showing each inch of her astonishing figure. Then Jennica gives her hawt cookie a wonderful massage right there in the kitchen. Her lush body is one of the great natural wonders of this planet. Jennica Lynn is a excellent recent arrival to the galaxy of TSG stars and we are thrilled to have her aboard.

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