The Royal Rack

The Royal Rack

The Royal Rack is back! It’s a great joy to have Joana back at SCORELAND since her tour to the Caribbean with Valory, Sha and Hitomi for SCORE On Location.

SCORE went back to Europe for more…because Joana is habit-forming and there ain’t no cure!

SCORELAND: How greater than average are your bazookas now?
Joana: I suppose I’m 106 centimeters (42 inches) around, and I buy bras that are 105GG European size.*

SCORELAND: How do u choose your bras?
Joana: I’ve 2 brands I like: Maria Jo and Prima Donna. I buy ’em on the Internet.

SCORELAND: What do u look for in a bra?
Joana: The color, the style. I seek charming bras, but that is not always easy in my size.

SCORELAND: Do you sleep in a below garment?
Joana: No. I sleep naked. But I wear alluring garments to ottoman with a fellow!

SCORELAND: At what age did your love bubbles commence developing?
Joana: Maybe at 13. I was bustier than each angel in my class.

SCORELAND: When did you kick off being comfortable with your love muffins?
Joana: Later when the men were looking at my eyes and not just at my scones. They used to look just at my boobs. It makes me feel good that they observe all of me, and I do not mind that they watch my love bubbles, likewise. I can feel the love. The bigger the breasts, the more adore you need to give.

*According to some manufacturers, this converts to 46GG US size.

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