Jolie Rain From Geek To Freak

Jolie Rain From Geek To Freak

Jolie Rain is a hot I.T. angel from the T.I.T. Department. She is a brainiac who knows everything about hardware. However, this babe is not also keen on software. A beauty adore Jolie doesn’t love everything velvety, especially ramrods. It’s a miracle that Jolie accedes to fix boy-friend employee Jag’s computer. He is a bumbling, sexist idiot who doubts Jolie’s skill, which pisses her off to no end.

When it’s all told and done, Jolie fixes his computer. But the drama this chab created stirs up her hormones. That babe tells him off and then–surprise!–takes off her top to flaunt him her cleavage in a constricted undergarment. Then this babe brandishes him her big, natural mounds, playing with the nipps as this ladies man watches in silence. Shockingly, she gives a decision to drop to her knees to blow and tit-fuck him.

His sexist attitude is finished as they get on the desk to bonk their brains out in as many positions as they can manoeuvre. What kind of company is this? They have a great corporate culture! “I like it when employees can appreciate the I.T. department for all that they’re worth,” says Jolie. That babe is no geek!

Shot in point-of-view. No smooth operator face to ruin the picture!

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