Willing For Stuffing

Ready For Stuffing

If u are a SCORELAND member, u know this ravisher. Juliana Sims is a florist. One of our roaming glamour model finders saw Juliana and knew she would be a great glamour model for The SCORE Group. That charmer approached her and spoken about our seek for big-busted glamour models and asked her if that babe had ever thought of professional glamour modeling. It could have gone either way. That babe could have hit him with a flower pot but Juliana was interested and asked him for more details, then checked out our big-bust sites and BeASCOREModel.com.

“I always wear dresses and shirts that show how fine and large my boobs are,” says Juliana, who is blessed with fantastic boobies and a pretty body. “I think all men like big wobblers. It’s usual.”

“I like to try fresh things. Adult modeling is something I wanted to try. When your finder introduced himself and said I’d be a great model, I saw this as an unexpected opportunity that I should take advantage of.”

And we’re happy Juliana accepted.

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