I’s On U

I's On You

The opening of the movie scene “I’s On You” has a voyeuristic slant for the first few minutes as the digital camera lurks and peeps through a doorway before entering the bedroom to observe JMac banging the hell with out Kamille Amora. This pictorial takes the more direct approach with Kamille often eye-banging the digi camera as JMac pounds the bonk without her big enormous mammaries, accustomed face hole and constricted twat. Very randy stuff.

Looking at this brunette hair honey from Seattle now, it is rock hard to make no doubt of that babe was ever a Tomboy growing up.

“I used to play sports,” Kamille said. “I do not anymore, but I consider exotic dancing a sport because u must use your body. When I was younger, in middle school and high-school, I ran track. I used to be in gymnastics. Dance. Cheerleading. I am truly priceless at doing the splits cuz of gymnastics, so that really helps me when I’m on the stage and exotic dancing. I am very pliant. I can do a split.

“I’m a full, all-the-way woman. I do not like to dress love a charmer now. I adore wearing skirts and bras and low-cut tops. It depends on the situation how low they’re cut. I love wearing halter tops, also. Sometimes I do not wear a undergarment when I am walking around at home or having sex. I can’t wear a under garment when I am having sex coz I’d choke myself. Sometimes I sleep with a undergarment, but if I do, it is a sports undergarment and my scones usually sit way up. If I’m on my back, they’ll go all the way up to my chin and commence choking me, so I must be careful.”

Kamille is very down-to-earth and we’re glad that babe chose XL Gals as her place to shine and display the world her greater than typical marangos, pink muff and hawt gazoo..

“I am very approachable, but u need to come at me with respect and not corny lines,” Kamille advises. “That’s played out. Do not try to hit on me. Just try to must know me.”

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