That’s Amora

That's Amora

When your sights hit a bust, and your eyes get as large as a pizza pie, that is Amora. We’re not sure if we love this girl, Kamille Amora, or if we love her. But in moments love this, when she’s hot, excited and willing to bonk, we do not worry about such things. All we’re thinking about is watching one of our favourite cuties acquire her brains tag-teamed out. Especially since Kamille is so enthusiastic about screwing.

“I’m the type of goddess that cant get enough,” Kamille said us. “I wear lads out now and then. They don’t complain, but they’re overtired. I love a wonderful, long all-night sex session.”

Tony DeSergio isn’t the type of charmer that wears down easily. Her I-cup mams merit endless attention and her wonderfully chunky body a unbending rogering. She’s gonna get a lot of one as well as the other.

“If it is not rough, it is not correct,” Kamille says. “A gal love me needs to know and feel love you’re giving it to her.”

That’s Amora.

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