Top-Heavy Tourist

Top-Heavy Tourist

When Kamryn Monroe came to our studios, she said this was her first-ever visit to South Florida. So we knew we had to take one of the year’s hottest newcomers around city.

“I definitely got a miniature in number stares as I was leaving the airport,” that babe told with a snicker. “I heard a dunky in number comments from the security guards. I feel like I already fit right in.”

That she does. And the gigantic reason Kamryn fits right in is coz her 42DDD-cup fun bags are seemingly always willing to pop right out of her overmatched dresses and tops.

We decked Kamryn out in a scarcely any different outfits for her 1st Miami adventure, and she’s drawing plenty of attention from South Beach to downtown. We heard numerous whistles and catcalls as this babe traipsed down the streets and beaches, but none of the lads were favourable sufficient to get a number, quickie or even a quick boobie flash. No, right now, Kamryn is only sharing her assets with the Brotherhood of XL Men. And we could not be more lascivious about that.

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