Pin-Up Angel

Pin-Up Girl

The big-boobed gal in dark-skinned nylons. Kate Marie brings her version of the classic pin-up cutie look to her second pictorial at SCORELAND and it’s a keeper. The Chicago-based sweetheart believes that when life throws u curves, why not reveal Them, and that is why she’s here after our studio rep spotted Kate Marie on the glamour modeling job board, Glamour model Mayhem.

Kate Marie’s hobbies include watching Blackhawks and Bears games like the loyal Chicagoan she is and collecting exotic tea cups and trying recent teas from around the world. “I usually collect ’em between the time period of the 1700s throughout the 1950s, and I have some from the Chinese dynasty. I have some from Brazil. I’ve a 1920s tea cup. I collect teas on top of it all ‘coz I drink loose-leaf tea. I am a very heavy tea drinker. I have about Twenty four and they’re all different kinds. It is a hobby. I will go from antique store to antique store to find the right style of tea cup. There’s indeed a undergarment that is made with tea cups. There’s no way in hell I could ever own it. It has 2 tea cups, and it has the appearance of a Victorian top, but it’s meant for someone with no pantoons.”

The solely cups we know range from DD to M-cups. We’ve yet to see a T-cup.
Some other astonishing recent discovery: Kate Marie! On the subject of teas, inspect Kate Marie’s Bonus episode, “T-Shirt Stretcher.”

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