Kendra Takes Over XLGirls

Kendra Takes Over XLGirls

In the opener of “Kendra Grace Takes Over XLGirls,” our cameraman chats with Kendra so we can learn a little about her and get a 40FF-tit show previous to Mr. Strapon enters and begins suckin’ on those tawny nips.

“I love making the lad glad and seeing the look of satisfaction on his face as this woman chaser titty-fucks me,” says Kendra. “I like the feeling of his knob pumping betwixt my milk shakes.” Kendra had her virginity taken relatively late. “I lost my virginity when I was Twenty two years old. I was more bashful before that. I think that when I grew boobies I became more assured and open to saying what I wanted. And that is probably why I did not have sex until I was Twenty two.”

It is not so bad for a gal to blossom late. It might even be more outstanding for a gal sometimes. “I think I’ve always been very in tune with what I urge sexually, I may just not have always been accustomed to speak up about it. And I am a Scorpio. Yes, I was kind of a late bloomer in that sense. I got love bubbles all of a sudden at 19. I was in the Navy, and we had gone out on a cruise. When I got back, I was given mooring line duty. And it just appeared to be like the more I pulled on these mooring lines, the bigger in size my love muffins got. The kinkiest thing I’ve ever done is probably having sex on film. Oh, and probably the time that I had sex on my Navy ship in the barber shop with a boyfrend sailor. There wasn’t anyone around and we snuck in there and got it on all over the place.”

Ever since Kendra appeared (XL BEAUTIES mag SP 207, WideLoad Nymphos 2), many have given her a 21cc howdy. A slight in number years back, we even got an email from a fan in Stockton, Texas who got to meet Kendra and take selfies with her holding her glamour photoshoot open to a page that reveals her with a dick in her face hole. Who wouldn’t adore that?

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