Make Room For Kaboom

Make Room For Kaboom

Kimmie Kaboom made a bigger in size than typical kaboom here at XL Cuties. Seeing is believing.

Bra shopping is an adventure for Kimmie. This babe wears 42H cup holders. “I have not at all been skillful to buy bras off the rack,” says Kimmie. “I usually wear a beneath garment when I’m out and about, but hardly ever at home.”

Kimmie is the wife of an XL Angels fan. This ladies man encouraged Kimmie to send her at-home snaps to our staff. This is a new (and very welcome) trend. Back in 1999, when XL Gals first appeared, this almost by no means happened.

Like any healthy, juvenile female-dominator, Kimmie enjoys a lot of sex and can’t live without to make it adventurous and exciting.

“I one time had sex with a husband in his house while his wife was home. I know…bad angel! Afresh, I had sex one evening at Couch, Bath & Beyond’s parking lot while they were open. My partner and I go out at least once a week to dinner or a movie or we lock ourselves in our bedroom for a sex marathon.”

Kimmie has it all. XL Cuties is pleased to have her in our bastion of bigger in size than typical hooters!

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