Sex Kitten

Sex Kitten

It’s male domination and lady submission time with a little light slavery thrown in for Ms. Kitty McPherson as she and JMac ride the sexpress teach to kinky town. Kitty’s fetish outfit bears a resemblance to a sexed-up version of Spider Woman. JMac slaps her cool, creamy a-hole and heavy-hanging big fun bags with hands and a belt to reveal Kitty she is his little fuck toy for the afternoon.

Instead of hitting JMac with her ukulele, Kitty is willing and glad to give her new boss what that skirt chaser desires and be his unrepining baby doll. She’s putty for his hands and his orders. Being bad makes Kitty feel precious. After smacking Kitty’s ass and fun bags with his palms and a thong, JMac wraps a collar around her neck and shags Kitty’s mouth, then leads her over to the couch and then the floor to screw her dizzy until she’s totally dick-drunk.

Kitty’s indeed a fine goddess. “People are always surprised at how worthy I’m, how much I genuinely care about other people,” says Kitty. They shouldn’t be surprised. Kitty’s from Oregon. “I by no means thought it was a big deal, I thought it was just how people oughta be! So I think my majority marvelous emotional asset is my empathy. Physically, my most captivating asset is obvious. My scoops!”

Kitty definitely cared about JMac and made sure that lady-killer debuted a massive load all over her. Who could not when sexing up this little babe?

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