Mischel Lee looks the fertile type. She’ll make a sexy Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK. We can already imagine her shoving a stroller and wearing a constricted top, short skirt and high heels.

When we learned that Mischel was preggy, that babe looked mellow and ready for a shoot. That babe told this babe was flying solo, no hardcore with guys, until after she delivered. This babe is keeping the sex at home for now. That’s good with us. We are completing a third preggo hottie DVD, Preggos & Milkers 3 and Mischel is hot in whatever that babe does.

Mischel looks sexy with a big bump, a thick bush and even bigger love bubbles engorged by the flood of gestation hormones. Her areolas are darker, now a black cocoa color and her teats and slit are super-sensitive.

“I always adore to have my boobs sucked and my nipples pinched and pulled,” told Mischel. “Now I like that even more because I’m so sensitive. I detect that I am touching my marangos more with out thinking about it. It just happens. Even when something brushes against my nipples or I wear a shirt with no beneath garment and the material rubs ’em, it makes me tingle.”

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