Krissy Receives Disciplined

Krissy Receives Trained

Whatsoever Krissy Dawson has done wrong beneath the stern mastery of control freak Mr. Neeo, it is smth that this chab will need to address with more than a verbal admonishment. This chab has not said what this babe did not correct. In his opinion, Krissy needs strict discipline or her rebellious streak will continue. Now they commence the lesson plan.

This chab plans to break Krissy and educate her so that she will do anything she’s instructed to do.

They commence by walking her around adore this smooth operator is training a pony. This petticoat chaser has Krissy receive on the daybed so that smooth operator can manhandle her large, squishy knockers. She climbs over his knees for a drubbing with his bitch-hand. It stings. Pinching her nipps unbending receives the reaction that Lothario craves too. Then this gent feeds her unyielding bone, rogering her face and allowing her to lick his nuts.

Krissy does an wondrous job of servicing his pecker with her pierced tongue and hawt mouth. Solely when Mr. Neeo is absolutely contented with Krissy’s obedience and peculiar display does he allow her to take his penis and push it into her slit for a banging. He’s the corporalist and Krissy is now his bimbo. He’ll corkscrew her until he’s cheerful with her attitude and how that babe bonks. When that happens, he will then erupt on her face and fullsome funbags.

Krissy has been conquered and his man cream explosion on her face and love melons is his mark of ownership, as if he’s marking his property.

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