Good Gal Gone Bad Angel

Good Gal Gone Bad Girl

Look for Lavina Fantasy on the cover of May 2014 XLGirls mag. She is each inch the dream cover hotty. The readers will go nuts over her. After sharing the like, and a rapidly melting ice goo cone, with Roxanne Miller, Lavina is back in a episode and photo widen that change her from a nice girl to a hot enchanting heart dressed to bring out her lascivious side. That is a larger than average transformation for a playgirl who’s basically a timid hotty. Lavina’s large bazookas did not initiate to develop until she was 16. “I was so quiet when I was a kid. I’d merely go to school and come back home. I would have at not time thought I could expose my body off.” That was then and this is now!

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