First-year student Bodies

Student Bodies

2 hawt schoolgirls. Dressed in sexy schoolgirl outfits. Studying together. But not for long. Roxanne Miller and Lavina Fantasy are a fantasy team with big meatballs. But there’s a problem.

Roxanne, the naughty one wearing the red tie, is bored and restless. She doesn’t urge to read and write her essay. Lavina, the proper scholar wearing the darksome tie, wishes Roxanne to entire her assignment. Roxanne doesn’t urge to. This babe faces the issues that many young and stacked woman students face. She is sexually excited and bored and that babe wants to cum, cum, cum.

Roxanne leaves the room and returns with a titanic ice man-juice cone. She offers it to Lavina. They share it, licking with tongue it jointly, pink tongues flicking out to smack the cold cock juice… taste the sweetness. From reading some dry book and writing notes to kissing and tongueing wet lips and lengthy tongues… all of a sudden boredom has given way to horny want.

Roxanne the instigator, the trouble-maker, wipes the cone on Lavina’s humongous and beautiful bazookas. She leans forward to lick it off, tasting Lavina’s full boobies. They kiss some more. Lavina repays the favour by taking the cone and wiping ice spunk on Roxanne’s delicious bouncy bosoms, then tongueing the melting sweetness off likewise.

Both beauties are becoming hawt messes. Sexy messes of cold ice man juice. And then their little briefs come off so they can cum. No more books for the rest of the day.

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