Lemons and Bigger in size than run of the mill Bosoms

Lemons and Large Melons

Sometimes sexy women are strumpets. They are consumed by their hotness and their knowledge that they can be as bitchy, high-maintenance and demanding as they wanna be ‘coz they are, well, hawt. We know lots of boys who can overlook an annoying woman if her smokin’ bod and sexy face outweigh her ability to grate on the nerves. But each now and anew there is a glitch in the hot-girl gene pool and you acquire a girl like Brandy Talore. Brandy is sexy AND a real, genuine sweetie. She’s the kind of cutie who will make you lemonade on a hot day AND bonk u. Or rather, that babe will suggest up her bounteous jugs and her sweet grip and tell you to bonk her. So take our advice, if you come across a juggtastic vixen and that babe just so happens to be a wonderful hotty, hold on to her. Hotties adore this are a dying breed.

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