Let Lisa Straighen You Out

Let Lisa Straighen U Out

Staying with her girlfriend, Araya, house guest Lisa Canon enters Araya’s brother John’s bedroom during the time that he snoozes and begins to play with shlong.

That babe urges him to do the nasty to her. He wakes up and knows what the green-eyed, biggest breasted brunette hair desires. This woman chaser doesn’t need Lisa to carry a big neon sign blinking “Fuck Me” into the room.

Being a polite kind of petticoat chaser who has lucked out coz of XL Cuties, John takes full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to mount this babe and give her the old salami-stuffing she so rightfully deserves.

Lisa plops her hangers right over his hand so this guy can feel the weight of her cushioned sweatermeat, a feeling different from everything else in the world. Burying a guy’s face with her meatballs is one of her many skills. This babe gives his penis a squeeze betwixt her tits and this Lothario slips throughout the cleavage and into her face hole.

Lisa licks and sucks his bloated shaft to stiffness, then squats on it and lowers herself over the pole. This babe is getting the fill-up she needs and this fellow is in hooter heaven over the squashy texture of her thrilling vagina. It’s intend to be a indecent ride. John can’t believe his fine luck that this chab got the call from XL Gals.

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