Blue Clip

Blue Movie

Lilli Blue goes anal in this re-mastered “birthday” movie. Juan’s cable-sized wang slides right up her lovely ass in this ultra-horny photo set and episode.

“I’m an assertive hotty,” Lilli informed your editors. “I acquire what I want when I want it and at XLGirls, I wanted jock too. I asked for a bigger in size than typical one. I am aggressive and I like to commence the act.”

Lilli said this babe is lustful all the time and that includes self-pleasuring. “What satisfies me a lot also is knowing I got my hubby coming as unyielding as he can. The worst thing a man can say is ‘I’m asexual.’ I like to see the cum gush out of his cock tip all over me. Indecent but tasty!”

Lilli is very domesticated.

“I come from a household full of hotties, and we were all very open and honest. Although, without all my sisters I have got the widest exhibitionist streak, but I am not the weirdest. But the other ones have the 9 to 5 thing on, so I guess they do not have the same consequence-free environment that I have going on. I am a housewife, which I’m loving. It is great, especially since people have this idea of a housewife being this submissive lady. But to me it means that my home is my castle. I cook and clean exposed and with fancy aprons. I’ve a fancy apron collection, and some of ’em are specifically meant to be worn nude.”

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