Tool Time Gal

Tool Time Girl

XLGirls has long wanted to do a “tool time girl” with Lisa Canon. She’s the hands-on sort and it is effortless to picture Lisa working on some household project in a home workshop. Actually, the truth is that babe fits into that tight tool time goddess outfit like this babe was made for it!

Lisa goes for boyz doing boy ram. She says that that babe can’t live out of to observe her husband work on his car.

“Yes, I adore that. Him being a guy, working on his car, or playing football. Him out of his shirt on, him just being a buck, working on things, doing yard work. Anything that gets him hawt and sweaty-I love it. As lengthy as this chab is being manly.”

That babe loves screwing manly, rugged lads too.

“I adore having rough sex. But like any angel I like the sensual, cushioned, kiss-me, love-me sort of sex. But then there’s times when you are just like, ‘Fuck me!’ I’ve had sex on the hood of a car behind an abandoned building. I like outdoor sex. It’s fun. I think what it’s; why I have sex in public, is ‘coz if somebody catches me it brings up the risk factor. It’s more intriguing.”

How would her friends describe Lisa?

“I’m mad. I am bubbly. I like to enjoy. I’m the first one to do anything mad, whatever it is.”

More power to her!

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