Favourable Star

Lucky Star

Until their travel to the Dominican Republic’s North Coast, Helen and Erin Star had solely been photographed in Bucharest, Romania. SCORE‘s studio director lastly gotta spend a week with the sexy siblings for that week-long discharge in the Caribbean and identified them a special sister action. “Helen always looks after her little sis, offering up glamour modeling tips and direction on just about anything. Erin really looks up to her larger than average sister.”

“I think it was around 13 years old when my mambos began to receive bigger in size than average,” told Helen. “I am a year old than Erin. I was the solely breasty goddess in school and this was a problem ‘coz everybody was always looking at me and all the cuties were envious of me.

“Most people don’t make no doubt of we are sisters coz we are so different. I’ve darksome hair and Erin has light hair. I think our faces are different, likewise. The solely thing that’s similar is our scones!”

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