We Like Lucy

We Adore Lucy

Lucy’s got some ‘splainin’ to do. She is just likewise damn lovable, and it is not fair, honestly. She’s got the face, you know this babe has the boobs, that babe has the childbearing hips, and this babe has the downy, squeezable belly, too. Heck, this chick even has an a-hole on her. U do not stand a chance when u see Lucy because this babe instantly has your knob standing at attention.

“Getting attention ‘cuz of my mellons is just part of life,” Lucy said. “It’s a fine life, though! It is happened since I was in school. I was the 1st big boobed angel in school, and when the other girls started to catch up, my pointer sisters kept on growing.”

Lucy had a glamorous big lead on her classmates, so it’s doubtful any of them caught up. That babe is now a J-cupper and a legitimate XL starlet.

“Posing has been lots of joy,” Lucy said. “It makes me feel so hot. Especially when reading the comments.”

Yep, the Brotherhood of XL Guys went wild for this dish.

Said Tom: “This woman is a phenomenal detect. That babe poses like an talented veteran, has a glamourous face and a mind blowing body. Kudos to the photographer/editor for the sequence of shots. I like the bush and the widow’s peak.”

We all love Lucy. And, indeed, there is no explanation necessary.

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