The Rich Whore and The Working Unyielding

The Rich Bimbo and The Working Stiff

Lucy Like used to read lots of “erotic fiction,” which means indecent books that sweethearts masturbate to, and that babe told that one of her favourite classic stories is the rich female and virile laborer. After reading one of those books, she’d masturbate, fantasizing that that babe was one of those aristocratic dames with an internal whore awaiting to be tapped. A rich bitch trapped in a marriage to a limp-dicked geezer who can’t put out the fire in her knickers. A wife who’d sneak out to engulf off the hung stable-man, gardener or Joe the plumber.

This estate in Hungary worked perfectly for this fuck fantasy so Lucy begins her wet-dream by staring out the window of her castle and checking out the gardener. That gets Lucy’s cum-hole soaking and motivates her to receive out of the house so she can acquire fertilized by this lout. Those males usually work shirtless so women can spy on them and get sexually excited until they beg for the beef bologna. And that’s what Lucy did in this a team fuck session on the lawn of an aged castle.

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