The Nurse Will Shag You Now

The Nurse Will Screw U Now

Madison was known as the “Porcelain Doll” at SCORELAND for a few weeks in advance of this mystery adult model was revealed. We asked the boys if Madison was a SCORE Girl. 65 emails later, the majority of the responses agreed that she had the right ram to be in SCORE.

She’s an all-American from Florida. How all-American is Madison? Well, her hobbies are sex, cars, shopping and tennis. That is about as all-American as any cutie can acquire.

The “Porcelain Doll” did one and solely one scene, as a hot nurse. This is a great nurse. That babe has her patient try out the M.O.R machine (Motorized Orgasmic Release), a jerk-off machine that was written up in The Jack Report, a column that was written by Dan Ross in SCORE mag.

She says that that gent is got blue balls after inspecting his equipment and says he needs relief so this babe hooks him up to the M.O.R. with a strangely pervy expression on her glamourous, wholesome face. Madison looks adore the last goddess in the world who would do this which makes this one of the more unconventional hardcore movies.

However, the patient finds that Madison’s throat, mangos and hands are far superior to giving him relief, and they continue to copulate after this lady-killer takes his penis without the M.O.R. When you have got a hot honey bunny love Nurse Madison willing to aid you, u do not must drop your load of man-sauce with something that resembles an ice cooler

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