The Body Oiling

The Body Oiling

“I’ve always wanted to glamour model,” says Maggie, a recent discovery that one of our photographer/scouts discovered in his large boob chase for fresh greatness. “I didn’t know how to go about it the right way. One of SCORE‘s people saw me, told u about me and that’s how I started. I am looking forward to seeing my fotos and videos. I hope all the men will love me.”

Maggie is in the buff when a hand appears and discharges a stream of thick baby oil all over her big fullsome funbags. That babe lays back and rubs the greasy oil into her skin and fingers her glistening pink flaps and mammoth tits. The camera moves in for close-ups as Maggie rubs her glossy areolas and girl-box.

Maggie receives on her tummy so her booty and back can receive their share too. She sits up and plays with her pliable melons, her reflective scoops soaking in the greasy oil, her teats vertical from her fondling. First-time model Maggie is a sensational discovery late in the year who’s sure to win the approval of your pocket-pal.

And Maggie will be appearing in a hardcore XXX scene so stay tuned to SCORELAND for more.

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