Maid For A Garden

Maid For A Garden

After a hot bonk and happy ending with Steve, which was Roxee Robinson‘s 1st XL Angels scene with cock, it’s time for some maid service. Roxee’s cosplay suit appears love the kind of Victorian-era maid’s uniform described in aged British ribald stories. (The gloves are a modern touch.) That babe goes to the garden for some joy ‘coz it is also worthy to receive in nature’s garb and vibrator her cookie in the abode. Not lots of cleaning gets done, although Roxee does use her lengthy tongue on her areolas.

XLGirls: What are the top 3 things your fans ask you to wear?

Roxee: Stockings. Heels. Pearl necklace.

XLGirls: What kind of dreams do you have?

Roxee: The very impure kind. I often have hot, steamy fantasies. The ones where I wake up super concupiscent!

XLGirls: Do u dance when you are playing music at home?

Roxee: Yes. I dance and sing!

XLGirls: How’s the self-sucking coming along?

Roxee: I practice as much as I can. Practice makes flawless. I’m getting there.

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