Measure These Nose Cones

Measure These Nose Cones

Contented of her titanic knockers, Daphne receives her 36G whompas measured by Jeremy who then has the pleasure of banging her. Zeppelins and brains in one shapely package, Daphne is one of the smartest angels you could meet.

“I’ve always been a big admirer of babes with curves and the aged renaissance fotos with hotty’s who are buxom. That is what makes us honey bunnys, that we have bodies. I’m satisfied to be a woman.”

“If u watch me in public, I am either wearing low slung jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers or a very short petticoat, a taut shirt and high-heeled shoes. It depends on my mood.”

“Sometimes I’m a size queen. Other times I wish a much smaller wang. Simply feeling a really hard rod turns me on. My cunt loves to accommodate all sorts of ramrod, so whether the rod is bigger in size than average or slight, it figures it out and suctions right around it. I’ve got gazoo, and I’m thick, so if u can acquire the dick past my haunches and to the gap, we’re all admirable.”

“I acquire a lot of stares. I have had people try and take pictures of me, but they forget to turn off the click on the digi camera phone, so I hear them. I just giggle, coz it’s wonderful. I acquire annoyed when people are a little aggressive, and in Fresh York Town when I’m walking down the street, I receive tons of comments.”

“I’m a very level-headed, mellow kind of person, so things that happen, whether precious or bad, I always take in stride. I always treat the universe nice, and it always treats me good. I’m always wonderful. It just depends on how u define valuable. I’m very fine to people who are admirable to me.”

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