Mia is a Pleasant heart

Mia is a Sweetheart

What’s in a name? Anything when the name is Mia Honey bunny.

Mia is from Bucharest, Romania. “I was a TSG model for the 1st time and I actually enjoyed it,” said Mia. “We had tons of fun.” It really was an international affair like many SCORE Group photo shoots. That babe was detected by an American TSG model recruiter. Mia is Romanian, the shoot took place in Prague and the photographer is a German we originally met on the Boob Cruise in 1997. The world’s politicians could learn the subject of international relations from us.

Mia speaks alluring English and she’s ultra-sexy. This babe interacts very well and has that peculiar talent of making u feel as though you’re the only lad in the world that that babe is talking to and that her mellow rack is for your eyes only.

Mia says that babe has no interest in sports, doesn’t workout, likes to check out clips and TV flaunts, in a relationship with friends and enjoys well-prepared lunches and dinners. This babe feels she doesn’t have any particular talents. We do not agree with her. She’s loaded with talent!

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