What A Honey

What A Sweetheart

“I enjoyed glamour modeling and doing episode shows for XL Gals,” told Mia Playgirl. “We had enjoyment. It was a recent experience for me and the people were precious and pro.” It was a fun to film Mia and we like her friendliness and personality. Mia said us more about her bodacious self.

XL Girls: Mia, do u watch adult clips at home? What kind do you adore?

Mia: Yep I do look at adult videos at home and mostly I love to view dilettante BBW videos.

XL Girls: Do u go to exposed beaches or adult resorts?

Mia: I’ve not at any time been to stripped beaches but maybe ‘coz in Romania this type of place is full of old people but I might just try it in some other country one day.

XL Girls: What kind of dates do u like to go on?

Mia: I love joy dates where anything is relaxed and leisurely.

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