The Super-Stacked PA

The Super-Stacked Secretary

Here is every T&A man’s dream office assistant personified in the flesh by the great Micky Bells, a mistresse in every way. We’ve at not time watched a real typist who looks adore this. Micky’s body is insanely sexy and big breasted. Her face and her entire body are gorgeous. She’s the total package. It is impossible to understand why Micky is not rated a five of five by XLGirls’ members but some things in life are not always understood. And Micky is literally one out of millions of babes. Luckily, Micky decided to become a model, beginning with a web-cam.

“Sometimes a buck cannot help it and this chab just cums on my funbags,” Micky told. “Sometimes they wanna see their cum on my love muffins. I let ’em make a decision what they wish to do.”

Micky is a romantic. “I like a stud to kiss me all over my body. I want him to make me feel adore a queen. I like it when a buck tastes my fur pie. That’s what makes me orgasm the fastest. Sometimes, it’s not the actual sex, but the foreplay and the touching in advance of it that makes me feel wonderful.”

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