Micky & The Greater than run of the mill Bouncy Ball

Micky & The Bigger than standard Bouncy Ball

It’s Health Club time and sweet Micky Bells has some greater than average, heavy bells to swing and shake when that babe uses some of her workout session to bounce on a fitness ball. This is the real reason those training balls were invented. We will not be fooled. Obviously, a tit-man originally designed ’em.

SCORELAND: Micky, do u like sports?

Micky: I do not play sports. I like to take walks.

SCORELAND: What about particular abilities?

Micky: Nothing I can think of. Maybe that I can engulf my billibongs with out hands.

SCORELAND: What makes you laugh?

Micky: Cats. And my kid.

SCORELAND: Do you look at any favourite television displays?

Micky: Not just one. I have a list.

SCORELAND: Do you’ve any girlfriends with bosoms love yours? We crave u did.

Micky: I have. But not as big as mine.

SCORELAND: If that ever changes, let us know.

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