Mega-Boob Olympics Part 3

Mega-Boob Olympics Part 3

The Mega-Boob Olympics wraps up the mammoth top of ’em all with Maxi Wobblers at poolside, a group pool flotation with underwater footage, the tricky strap-on ring toss event, Plenty, Kayla and Minka getting smutty and tit-crazy and the nipple erection competition. So who won? No one and everyone. That’s display biz!

Behind the scenes at this south Florida location, there was some worry. A tropical storm was fearsome to approach land (you can see the palm trees bending if u can take your eyes off the ladies). Fortunately, it all ended well and the weather gave us a break. Almost the same circumstances affected the Busty Ladies of Baby oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.) three years later in 2004 when an approaching storm also tried to booty in.

The World Cup is every four years. The Mega-Boob Olympics is forever.

The force of the under garment triumphs once more.

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