Her Excellency

Her Excellency

Each time Natalie has joined The SCORE Group for one more romp in a picturesque nation, her bazookas have been bigger. Whilst there’s no obvious connection between the countries (such as the Czech Republic and the island chain of The Bahamas), it appears that Natalie is now at her bustiest in the largest county we’ve visited with her: Mexico. Just a coincidence.

First we see Natalie relaxing at swimming pool side. The sheer size of her breasts encased in a bathing dress top is sure to flip u out. Natalie’s pantoons are rogering extraordinary now. They are the utmost in male satisfaction for the real breast woman chaser. Mademoiselle Fiore talks to the studio manager about what this babe plans to wear for this movie. Whatever this babe does wear, it’s sure to blow a lusty bust-lover away.

The suit that Natalie chooses to wear out of a underneath garment is cut so low, she would need two bodyguards if this babe left the property. And when that suit comes off, look out! Prepare for one more hot session with this world-famous brunette hair ravisher, a dominatrix who can make a boy cum just by her hot talking. The digital camera explores every inch of her wonderland body.

It may be time to plan some other tour with Natalie! Just how much bigger can Her Excellency’s crown jewels receive?

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